Monday, December 3, 2012

Counting Down to Christmas

We get really excited about counting down the days until Christmas in our houses, and the number of advents we use are proof of just that.

We each made a set of these adorable countdown blocks a few years ago and our kids still love them! Who are we kidding, so do we!

We both have boys that are completely addicted to legos, so we just couldn't resist getting one of their fun little Christmas advent calendars. My favorite part of the set is the little Santa lego man!

A couple of years ago they had these adorable Santa belt countdown pillows at Kohl's. I think I walked away with three or four! They were too cute not to give as gifts, but of course I had to have one for me too!

Last year we started doing a Christmas activity advent with our kids. With all of the other advents we have, we didn't really want something that was going to take up a lot of space, so when we saw the idea of a mailbox activity advent on pinterest, we knew it was perfect for us! I had already painted a red mailbox for my son who really getting "mail" at the time, so all I had to do was come up with some fun advent activities. We had so much fun with it last year that this year my son asked when we were going to start our "Christmas activities" as soon as Thanksgiving was over! I think the blog or article where the original idea was located is no longer up and running, but here is the picture that sold us on the idea:

We can't even resist getting other people involved in our countdown obsession! This year in preschool Kim is handing out an adorable Santa beard advent to her students. She got the idea from Oopsey Daisy (you can find it here), and I know those kiddos are going to love it!

We think it's important to have a lot of fun with Christmas, and really want our kids to think of it as a magical time of year, but we also think it's really important that we remind them often of the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. For that reason, this year we are starting a new tradition of doing a scripture advent with our kids. Chocolate On My Cranium has an awesome one put together (you can find it here) that even has links to beautiful videos that bring the scriptures to life. We started it on December 1st, and the kids have really seemed to enjoy it so far. I know I really do!

Crazy amount of counting down going on? Maybe, but we sure have a lot of fun with it! How do you count down to Christmas?

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