Thursday, November 8, 2012

{Books We Love} A Girl of the Limberlost

This blog is mainly about sharing the things that we love with the world, and as such, this blog would not be complete without sharing some of our favorite books! Rather than come up with a review number or star system, we simply decided that we will only share those books that we really like. We hope you enjoy them as well!

A Girl of the Limberlost
Gene Stratton-Porter

Set amid Indiana's vast Limberlost Swamp, this treasured children's classic mixes astute observations on nature with the struggles of growing up in the early 20th century.  Harassed by her mother and scorned by her peers, Elnora Comstock finds solace in natural beauty — along with friendship, independence, and romance.

Deeply wounded by her embittered mother's lack of sympathy for her aspirations, Elnora finds comfort in the nearby Limberlost Swamp, whose beauty and rich abundance provide her with the means to better her life. (summary from publisher)

A Girl of the Limberlost is one of those books that I think everyone should have in their permanent library. It was originally published in 1909, and while it is obvious that the book takes place in a very different time and place than we do, the story still resonates today. Gene Stratton-Porter had such a way of communicating the humanness of her characters, and she showed both the bitterness and beauty that can exist in relationships. Luckily for us, Stratton-Porter also liked to write a happy ending, so we were able to see any bitterness replaced with love and respect in the end. Elnora is the kind of person we all wish we could be, and that's why A Girl of the Limberlost still rings so true 100 years after it was first published. To quote Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail: "Read it...I know you'll love it."

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