Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Forever Young} Alphabet Sound Flash Cards A-F

As we mentioned before, in addition to being a busy mom, Kim spends her days as a preschool teacher. There are a lot of really great worksheets and curriculum ideas online these days, but a lot of times you just need to create your own worksheets to really make them work for your classroom. We decided that, over time, we will share a portion of the worksheets, flash cards and activities that Kim has created or modified for her classroom. We hope you guys find them useful! 

Phonograms are such a great way to help kids feel more comfortable sounding out words during their road to reading. This week, we are going to share some flash cards that introduce some of the phonograms sounds for the letters A-F. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for the rest of the alphabet! 

Download your flash cards here.

*Printables created with paper by melstampz.blogspot.com.

*Our printables are for personal use only. Resale or redistribution of our printables is not permitted. Do not claim them as your own. If you post them elsewhere on the internet, link back to our blog and credit Rosewood Corner. Please do not remove any Rosewood Corner watermarks.

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