Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"The Magic of Christmas" Glass Block

A couple of years ago we made a Christmas glass block that we absolutely loved. It is really easy to make, so we thought we would share really quickly how we put ours together.

Lowes had a sale going on their pre-drilled glass blocks awhile back, so we picked up quite a few at the time, knowing how much we love glass block projects! If you can get them on sale, pre-drilled is definitely the way to go! We like to start with the clear version (with no texture), and if we want a frosted look, we just spray it with a little frosted glass spray paint like the kind shown below.

We sprayed our block, waited for it to dry, then applied our vinyl. We've seen this quote around quite a bit on vinyl websites, but we wanted to change the fonts up a bit so we made our own version. Then we put a small set of white lights inside and tied a pretty bow around the block! We love how it looks, whether it's daytime and the lights are off...

...or nighttime and the block is all lit up. So simple, but so pretty!

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