Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Thanksgiving Fun} Thanksgiving Treat Bags

We really loved the St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Treat that Makoodle put together, and it inspired us to create a Thanksgiving version for a last minute friend and/or neighbor gift, or even to use as a place card for your Thanksgiving table. We made some printables for you, so these treats are really quick and easy. You only need a few things to put them together. 

Pretzel Bags
Glue stick
Double-sided tape or glue dots

We used the Hershey's minis for our chocolate treats.

Print your wrappers and toppers and cut them out. We made the wrappers and toppers so you have some personalization options, but we'll explain that a little bit later. 

Here are the wrappers:

And here are the toppers:

Fold and wrap the wrappers around the chocolate and use a glue stick to glue the wrapper ends together.

We forgot to get a picture of the next step, but you will want to cut a piece of card stock a little bit shorter and a little bit skinnier than the row of your wrapped chocolates. Then, using double-sided tape or glue dots, secure your row of chocolates to the card stock. This will keep the chocolates in the order that you want them to be in once you place them inside the pretzel bag.

Here is an example of the pretzel bag that we have been talking about:

All you have to do is place your finished chocolate strip into a pretzel bag, cut off most of the excess plastic, and staple on the topper of your choice. 

You may choose to personalize the wrapper and leave the topper more generic like below. In this case, you end up with one more wrapped chocolate.

You may want to leave the personalized wrapper out and personalize the topper instead like this:

Or you can just keep it simple and skip the personalization.

However you choose to go about it, our printables have got you covered! We hope you guys enjoy!

You can find your wrappers here.
You can find the more generic toppers here, and the toppers you can personalize here.

*Our printables are for personal use only. Resale or redistribution of our printables is not permitted. Do not claim them as your own. If you post them elsewhere on the internet, link back to our blog and credit Rosewood Corner. Please do not remove any Rosewood Corner watermarks.

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