Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Thanksgiving Fun} Pilgrim Hat Treat Boxes

It's always fun to give friends and neighbors a little treat around holiday times, so we came up with this cute little pilgrim hat treat box to share this year. The idea was actually sparked by some leprechaun hat party favors we saw awhile back on a Canadian website (you can find that tutorial here). We thought the idea was cute enough for a pilgrim hat version, though we thought we would make our containers quite a bit smaller. Filling up those big bowls can take quite a few treats!

Small disposable bowls (we used Glad 4oz containers with lids)
Black craft paint
Gold sticky backed foam sheet
1/4" white ribbon (ours had some texture to it)
Small foam brush
Exacto knife
Glue dots or double-sided tape
Fall Hershey Kisses or another favorite treat

The 4oz containers can actually hold quite a few Kisses or other small treats.

We chose to use craft paint instead of spray paint for a couple of different reasons. We felt like we would have a little more control with craft paint, and since we knew we meant to use these little containers to hold treats, we wanted to make sure we didn't get paint anywhere we didn't want to (like anywhere food might end up touching). We also thought the more textured look we could get out of the craft paint might make the hats look a little more fun. 

The hardest part of painting the hats was getting the paint into the little crevices in the bowl and lid. We wanted to keep the paint out of the inside of the container and the off the inside of the lid, so we used the tip of our small foam brush to squeeze the paint down into the little crevice around the bowl lip. 

After the inside of the lip was filled, we dabbed the rest of the container and lid with paint, taking care to keep the texture even. I think our first container took three coats but we were down to two coats by the second or third container as we got a little better at it. 

While we were waiting for our little hats to dry, we cut out our ribbon. The length of your ribbon is really going to depend on the size of the container you get, so just make sure that your ribbon wraps all the way around your container before you cut it. We attached the ribbon to the painted container with a glue dot, but double-sided tape would work as well. The foam buckle has a sticky back so it will actually help hold the ribbon in place, but we found it easier to work with such a small ribbon if it was secured in place a little better to begin with. 

Foam sticky back sheets come in a lot of different colors, but we thought the gold was especially fun for the buckle.

Since our ribbon was 1/4" wide, we started by cutting out a 3/4" square, so we could have an equal width of buckle on either side of the ribbon. We used an exacto knife to cut out a 1/4" square in the center of the 3/4" gold foam square. Then we removed the backing and placed the buckle on the container so that it would cover the seam where the ribbon met. 

That's it! Just add some tasty little treats and you are ready to go! 

If you really wanted to, you could make a bigger version and fill it with a stack of cookies or something. We'll leave those decisions to you! 

Tomorrow we are sharing a large version to use in some Thanksgiving day games so be sure to check them out!

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