Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Lil' Frankie Stein}

We love all of the glass block projects out there, and while we have vinyl cutters, we also think it's nice to have projects that don't depend on everyone else having one. This cute Lil' Frankie Stein is made without using any vinyl at all. We love our goofy little guy and hope some of you get a kick out of him too! 

Mod Podge {both gloss and sparkle}
glass block {with pre-drilled hole}
Lil' Frankie pattern {download here}
green paper
black paper {card stock will work, but it is harder to use, it's not flexible.}
sponge brush
grey craft paint
spray varnish
light set: green or clear {I found green at Walgreens for $3.99.}
cork “bolts” {for side of his head, NOT pictured, I hadn’t gotten to JoAnn's or Michaels to buy some.}
strong adhesive {to attach the bolts}
freezer paper: optional {it made a great work surface while I was creating... the project didn’t get glued to my working surface. And it cleaned up nicely!}
PDF of Instructions w/ Pattern {download here}
  1. Print pattern and trace onto black paper and cut out black shapes - set aside for later. {side note- all I had was black card stock... probably could be found at craft store in the scrapbook section, but the paper would need to be completely black not white in the core of the sheet.}
  2. Clean/dust the block and remove any adhesive from the label.
  3. With the gloss Mod Podge, glue torn pieces of the green paper over the entire block, glueing only the backs down.
  4. After green has had time to dry, {doesn’t take very long} mod podge the hair and face onto the block. After face is dry, finish the rest of his hair/head by using the same torn pieces method that you used with the green. I didn’t think to take a picture, but I applied his hair half -way down along the sides and about half-way down the back of his head, so all sides meet up nicely and look like a head of hair.
  5. In between coats of mod podge, take a minute to paint the corks grey.
  6. After all paper has been mod podged with the gloss formula, cover entire surface with the sparkle Mod Podge. I laid mine down face up and did the sides and top first. Then when the front was dry I turned him over and did his back.
  7. Attach “bolt”s with adhesive.
  8. Spray with varnish.
  9. “Stuff” him with his lights and enjoy! 

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