Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Feather Halloween Wreath

When we shared our spooky mantel the other day, it included a black feather wreath that we had made. It really was such a simple a wreath to put together that we thought we should share with you just how we did it. We don't have pictures of the whole process, but the process is simple enough that it really shouldn't be an issue. 

Black Feather Halloween Wreath

Styrofoam Wreath
Black fabric
Black Feather Boa
Decorative Holiday Picks (we think that's what they are called)

We love Joann Fabrics because they are the best in regards to allowing coupons from their competitors. We were able to get a styrofoam wreath and a black feather boa using 40% off coupons, hurray! We bought the smallest feather boa they had because we really did not want to spend a lot, but you can always splurge and get a bigger one! We knew we had a way to work around the fact that ours was small, but we'll get to that. We also picked up the decorative picks at Joann. The spiders came from the Halloween section, but the silver stars and purple spirals actually came from the Christmas section! That's a little tip we've discovered over the years, if you are willing to look at things a little differently, it's amazing how many different ways you can use them!

Okay, now to get down to assembling the wreath! 

Step 1: We already had some black fabric scraps, so we tore it into strips (about 1" wide) and just wrapped it around the wreath, securing the fabric with straight pins. That way you don't have to worry about white styrofoam wreath peeking out between the feathers. That's also what allowed us to get away with a smaller boa. 

Step 2: The boa was attached in the same way, just wrapped around the wreath and attached with straight pins. It's a much less stressful way to go about it then using hot glue or something similar, because it's much easier to adjust the boa until you get just the look you want. 

Step 3: Last of all, we jabbed those little decorative picks right into the styrofoam and bent them until we got just the look we liked. 

Simple right? If you decide to put one together we would love to see it!

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